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IVR Systems

What We Can Offer.
There are a number of ways which we can help your business in this market-place, and make significant impact without necessarily involving large programmes of change. The following are examples of discrete pieces of work we have previously performed with clients. The vast majority of these can be completed either in isolation or leveraging off other initiatives:

¤ Tactical Review & Quick Win Analysis, a short piece of work assessing the current effectiveness of any existing IVR applications, recommending ways in which this can be restructured, tailored, and adapted to improve customer service without the need for huge capital expenditure

¤ Vendor Selection, where our clients have either already defined their strategy, have an existing system which needs replacement, or simply need help selecting a supplier as part of their overall implementation. Based on our extensive knowledge and use of the products in the market-place, enable a quick and effective procurement process of the product which best suits their requirements

¤ Implementation, many of our clients simply need an IVR application implemented. They do not want to get bogged down with a detailed strategy, or simply want to upgrade and more effectively integrate existing capability

¤ Strategic Direction, developing an IVR strategy for our client to clearly support their business direction, target customer base, and associated Customer Relationship intentions.

There are obviously many other ways we can help our clients in this area, but these are the most commonly used. If you are interested in obtaining more information, please contact us.

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