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At Grovepark Consulting we have experience in all aspects of Customer Relationship Managment, so find out how we can help

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Your business can increase both customer satisfaction and revenue generation through the effective exploitation of Customer Relationship Management. At Grovepark Consulting we can help by applying the right skills and expertise to implement a tailored CRM strategy specific to your individual business needs.

Avoid the common mistake of simply wasting time and money in search of a CRM solution.

Customer Insight is the continuous process of building and leveraging customer information through constant data aggregation and analysis in order to shape the next customer interaction. This facilitates the alignment of your market, sell and serve processes with customer needs to yield increased share-of-customer and higher customer retention.

There are three primary components: developing the customer knowledge base, drawing insight from the knowledge base, and shaping customer interactions. Read more

Customer Segmentation is the subdividing of your market into distinct subsets of customers, where each subset can be selected as a target market itself and reached through specific marketing mixes.

It is based on the understanding that every market is comprised of a number of distinguishable groups, each characterised by customers with different needs, attitudes, buying behaviours and intentions as well as different demographic profiles. No universal proposition is available that will satisfy all customers. Read more

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