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Wireless Application Protocol

Integrating with WAP.
Assuming your business model is appropriate, expand your existing delivery channels to include Wireless Application Protocol. With the ever increasing mobility of consumers, providing value-add WAP applications can significantly enhance your customer offering.

As with the internet, providing a business presence via WAP has many benefits:

¤ projects an innovative, professional image
¤ provides an opportunity for additional revenue generation
¤ facilitates customer self-servicing
¤ reduces traffic through the call centre
¤ increases customer satisfaction
¤ and many more.

However, get it wrong and it can have significant impact on your business. Traffic to your call centre will increase as a result of confused and frustrated customers complaining, customer satisfaction will decrease, and you can tarnish your brand.

At Grovepark Consulting we have the experience to guide you on what business functions are appropriate to this delivery channel. We can also help you implement such technology in a cost-effective manner.

If you are interested in obtaining more information, please contact us.

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