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Improve your Performance.
Improve the efficiency of your business by conducting an Operational Review, a framework which has been developed based on our extensive experience of performing similar assessments in other call centre operations. It is the ability to leverage this experience which proves so valuable to our clients.

The objectives of the Operational Review are as follows:
¤ provide a proven framework and supporting materials from which a review can be performed efficiently
¤ identify both positive and negative aspects of the day to day operations within the call centre
¤ identify areas to sustain and improve overall call centre performance
¤ provide a detailed benchmark analysis, positioning your business in relation to other call centre operations.

The Operational Review can be tailored to meet the work requirements of your business. In its simplest form the review can be used to perform a quick and cost effective assessment of your call centre operation, focused purely on a single call centre and based around our pre-developed questionnaire.

Alternatively it may constitute part of a larger piece of work, in which the benchmarking results and best practice information act as supporting materials to a more in-depth study. This may encompass your entire customer service philosophy.

If you are interested in obtaining more information, please contact us.

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