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Reward & Recognition Programmes

Maximise your key Assets.
Implementation of a reward and recognition programme is one of the key methods used to attract, retain and maximise performance of call centre agents. Typically such programmes will involve agent or team level measurement or evaluation, usually against pre-set targets, linked to a monetary or non-monetary bonus or award if the target is achieved. In this way staff are rewarded for demonstrating new or desired behaviours, building skills, or reaching productivity targets.

Balancing immediate-term performance against long-term capability goals requires an emphasis on programmes that reward both quantitative and qualitative performance, in the short and long term.

¤ quantitative measures can be defined as statistics, metrics and measurements from both the Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) and other call centre software such as a Power or Predictive Dialler and the core business systems

¤ qualitative measures include commentary and observations, call monitoring and levels of staff/team participation/contribution.

Managers of call centres typically place greater emphasis on quantitative rather than qualitative performance measures, and on short-term rather than long-term measures. Hence the tendency to sacrifice medium to long term goals to maintain day-to-day service levels. This compounds over time to produce substantially poorer outcomes for both the customer and management.

A balanced scorecard which reflects day-to-day performance goals and longer-term developmental needs across a range of measures, is the most effective reward programme. However in a high turnover, low skill call centre this may not always be the most appropriate, or most attractive, scheme for staff.

Staffing considerations such as complexity of work, turnover, career progression opportunities and sensitivity towards remuneration should be assessed before designing a reward scheme. In most cases the following key categories should be measured in order to obtain a fair and representative performance assessment:

¤ Customer Service, qualitative and quantitative measures, from both customer feedback and operational observation/monitoring

¤ Business Performance, taking into account issues such as system downtime which could adversely affect agent performance e.g. available hours as percentage of actual paid hours

¤ Productivity/Sales Generated, neither should be weighted more heavily unless agents are dedicated to one role only, as this can result in a negative effect

¤ Work Volumes, as a comparative baseline figure for measurement evaluation purposes.

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